Does FMOD change the length of audio files?

So I’ve bounced down a couple audio files from Reaper with one working as the music introduction, then the second as a looping theme. For some reason the audio files seems to be a different length in FMOD when I import them. They’re totally fine in Reaper, but I can’t get them to fit the grid perfectly in FMOD even when I put in the correct tempo information. It’s as if FMOD is adding length to these audio files.

I’m also having a similar problem with some sound fx where once imported, they were slightly delayed when played in FMOD. When I zoom in on the audio files in FMOD I can see a bit of quietness at the start of the audio files which isn’t in the same audio files prior to importing them.

Any idea on what is causing this and how to fix it? Thanks.

Is there maybe some lead-in settings on the clips you have in Reaper?

Nope, it only seems to be when I drag an audio file into FMOD that I have this problem and it’s the same for another person who is using it.

Is there any common processing between the affected files?

Not that I can think off. I had problems with files I added to a multi instrument, then the same issues with files I’m putting straight into Fmod. It seems to be that there is a very short lead-in added to the start of these audio files when I import them into Fmod.

Have you tried seeing if the problem persists if you use a different DAW to export?

Yes the audio files are fine when I bounce and drag it into Reaper, or when I upload to a cloud e.g. soundcloud and dropbox.

If you take the files that have been imported and trim the silence, does that silence persist when imported again?

Also, are these files set to Streaming?

Just a punt, but try validating the project, and refreshing modified assets. These are both in the File drop-down.

Just to add to Chris’ questions, can you mention what format you have rendered this audio assets to?

When I trim it it works, but ideally I’d like to be able to have the audio files in as they’re supposed to be. Especially since the FMOD editing can be a bit finicky, although it should be doable. Tried validating the project and no errors present. I also refreshed modified assets to no avail unfortunately. The files aren’t set to streaming either.

@richard_simms The files are in MP3 format.

Audio files rendered to MP3 will always have a tiny bit of padding at the beginning and end added to them. If you reimport the rendered audio file into your DAW is the same padding there? What happens if you render to a different format such as Vorbis OGG?

Why thank you good sir. You were totally right. I didn’t do Vorbis but I did FLAC and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for the help :slight_smile: And an added thanks to @chrisjdarcy too!

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