FMOD add air on tracks


First this is my first time with FMOD so maybe this is my fault but I need some help.

I´m creating a song with an Intro and a Multi sound looping. This is fine, every thing works, but When I change from intro to the Multi sound there is a problem with the tempo, and it´s caused by FMOD because it adds data at the beginning of the audio clip. I tried my bounced audio with my DAWS and works perfect the problem is on FMOD.

Here are two pics, one from FMOD where you can see de “silence data” before de audio wave, and the other from Digital Performer where you can see the reimported bounced audio with no “silence data” before the audio wave.



Thanks so much!


Hi Gabriel,
What format sound are you importing into studio? .wav or .mp3 or something else? If you use .mp3 try .wav. FMOD doesn’t chop the start off .mp3 decodes, a format which has inherent latency in it.

Yes mp3 to save space. I will try with .wav. Is there any way to fix this with mp3?

Thanks for the quick answer :smiley:

MP3 inserts silence as part of the encoding process.

"1. Why is a decoded MP3 longer than the original .wav file?

Because LAME (and all other MDCT based encoders) add padding to the
beginning and end of each song. For an explination of why, see the
questions below.

LAME embeds the amount of padding in the ancillary data of the first
frame of the MP3 file. (LAME INFO tag). The LAME decoder will use
this information to remove the leading padding of an MP3 file. "

You can get tricky and try to calculate how much padding there is at the start, but then you risk chopping the first few samples off as the decode process will decode from silence to the first sample data’s values, so you dont also want an abrupt start.

MP3 is not a good archival format at all. You should use flac/ogg or wav to avoid this problem.

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Finally I had some time to get back with the audio and with .wav files there is no problem.

Thanks so much for the help!