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I notice that has been realesed an update for the Integration 2.0 (v1.08), but the same update wasn’t out for the Legacy version. I was wondering why, and also if the Legacy version will be supported forever or will be discarded sooner or later…

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This applies only if you’re using Unity: After my experience yesterday I would recommend thinking twice about updating to the newest legacy version unless you absolutely have to. Doing so in my project completely broke everything half way through my day yesterday, I spent the next 9 or 10 hours trying to repair things, and at the end of it I no longer could even use sound because the new FMOD version failed to initialize the system with Unity unless the debug define was in place. So it was not even usable for me. It could have been my fault somehow, but after many hours I could not find or figure out a way of fixing it.

Instead what I’m doing today is trying to switch over to the Integration 2.0 (v1.08). I’ve made a new project just to tinker and learn, and so far it looks like a substantial improvement. You can drag and drop sounds into the scene and it’s all just much more cleanly integrated with Unity. Looks impressive, really, a lot of the FMOD studio stuff is built in to Unity now which I was not even hoping for. I had a hiccup with FMOD Studio, but FMOD staff answered it quickly and was plenty helpful.

It might be too early to tell but at this point the new integration looks really good. So I’m going to try switching my other project (now broken) over to this today and see how it goes. It may be less painful to just switch yours over to Integration 2.0 than it is to try and use the latest legacy system. There’s a built in migrator script in it that supposedly can handle some of the transfer, and the docs for migrating look plenty comprehensive and easy to follow. Something to think about anyway.

If you go with legacy first, definitely back up your project completely before you try it. Running that Unity package naively just obliterated me, and attempting to recover through an SVN backup was not successful.

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Ok, I’ve got it all switched over and it was pretty simple. So far I like the new system a lot better, much slicker than the old integration with Unity. I don’t know how complex your project is (sounds on mine are pretty simple), but it was definitely easier to switch things over to the Integration 2 than it was to go from an old legacy version to the latest legacy version.

Thank you for your efforts and your support, but I have some doubts.
You sayed that you tried updating the legacy version, but there isn’t the 1.08 update on the fmod website. I never had problems updating from a legacy version to another legacy version, but right now I’m update to 1.07.06. You had problems with the 1.07.07?
Our project is really big and FMOD is integrated hard into our code. A few months ago the FMOD developers told me to not migrate to the integration v2 unless we had any specific interest in doing so. This is the cause of me being sceptic when i figured that the legacy version was not updated to the same version of the integration 2.0 and it’s why I wanted to know more about what are the future plan of FMOD guys.
I know that the integration v2 added a lot of functionalities, but I’m really not interested to, cause we already implemented our script to handle audio positioning and triggering…

Thank you again for your support

Yes, my problems were in updating to “1.07.whatever the latest version is”. This was probably just me, I didn’t delete the old files first and just installed it right on top of the old version so ended up with duplicate dlls, scripts, etc… Once I got that all cleaned up it worked fine except I couldn’t get it to initialize the sound system. I’m not 100% sure that wasn’t my fault too though.

If you’ve managed to upgrade legacy versions before then I wouldn’t expect this one to be any different. I just screwed things up probably by not removing the old installation first. So if you already know what you’re doing there then maybe in your case it would indeed be best to just use the new legacy version. My project is undoubtedly much simpler than yours with regards to audio, so switching over to integration 2 (v1.8) was painless and went smoother than I was expecting. It’s well documented too, but after what you’ve said maybe it’s best if you just go with the new legacy version, especially if you talked to somebody at FMOD about it and they recommended that.

Just make sure to back things up as usual.

By the way, I don’t work for FMOD. I’m just another user.

The Legacy integration and the 1.07 tool and runtime will continue to receive bug fixes, and we will still answer support questions for customers on those versions.

In order to free up resources for future development we will not be updating the Legacy Integration to the 1.08 runtime.

See this post for a way to manually update the legacy integration.

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