Studio to Unity - Appears to Connect but Nothing Comes Through


I hope someone can help me out. I’m using the latest versions of both Studio, Unity and also the integration of course.

I managed to live connect to my Unity project, indicated by the red square that appears (is that right?), but nothing actually comes through on the mixer. It’s as if nothing is happening in the Unity project. I definitely have FMOD events successfully running from Unity, and I have pressed play within unity to run the game.

Any thoughts? I’m not sure what other information or settings are relevant so please ask me for more if it can help someone figure out what’s happening…

Thank you for your help!

(I’m an audio guy rather than a full on programmer so bear with me…)


Hi Damion,

I’d like to confirm a number of things upfront… So bear with me as well.

Are you able to confirm that you are running Unity 5.3, Integration version 2 for 1.07.04 and FMOD Studio 1.07.04? Or, if you are not, what versions you are running together?

When you are connecting, do you connect via local host or do you ever need to input the port number listed on the settings page?

Do you get any input through to the Profiler if you run a session in the Profiler?

Hopefully I can do some testing to try and report your issue once we see what versions you are running.



Hi Sally,

Thanks for your help - I am running Unity 5.3.0f4, FMOD 1.07.04, and Integration 2v for 1.07.04.

I am connecting via local host.

OK - I just set it all up again from scratch, and for reasons I cannot begin to understand, it now appears to be working - I can now see everything being recorded in the profiler session (I could not before). However, when playing the profiler session back, nothing is coming through the mixer, and moving faders has no effect on the mix…

Thanks again,


Hi again Sally,

I still cannot get the mixer to work with a recorded profiler session - perhaps I am misunderstanding the purpose of FMOD’s profiler, but is half the point not to be able to mix whilst playing back a session?

Toggling the API button does appear to allow me to make EVENT changes, which then affect the playback of the session, but MIX changes do nothing…


Hi Damion,

Yes you are correct in saying that the Profiler doesn’t drive the Mixer. I asked you if you could get a connection between your game and the Profiler to see if FMOD could get a connection to Unity at all.

I’m glad that your game and session is working. If there’s anything that you can think that you may have changed please let us know so we can look in to it further.