FMOD low level api working on PS4 but not Windows


I am using UE4 source version 4.14.0. I have created a C++ class that tracks the volume of the microphone. While this seems to work fine when I run it on my PS4, I am unable to get it working on a Windows build. We were initially only planning to build for PS4 so this didn’t matter too much but now we are considering releasing versions of our app for Vive and Rift.

I am trying to use the microphone on the Vive and I have tried with other microphones too but none of them seem to work with my application.

It is possible you have encountered a bug where the WASAPI output mode microphones are not enumerating. Please try using FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_DSOUND in System::setOutput before initialization to see if that fixes it. I know this is patched for the next release.

Thanks for the suggestion, Brett. I will try that. The strange thing is that I had it working with Windows a few months ago (while I was using an older version of Unreal) so I am not sure what went wrong between then and now.

Thanks, Brett that worked for me :slight_smile: