FMOD lowlevel API UWP


I’m looking to implement the UWP version of the lowlevel API. (1.07.06 & 1.07.02)

Comparing performance against the standard windows version (1.07.02) I’ve noticed some performance differences with the following:

auto result = pSystem->createSound(

Standard windows generally executes this in the range 0.01 - 0.03
For the same task, UWP seems to take 0.1 - 0.3

Is this difference in performance to be expected? Are there steps I can take to rectify?

(Looking a little deeper, standard windows displays a debug notice advising the WASAPI driver is initiated with thread priority 0. This doesn’t seem to be displayed on the UWP version.)

Many thanks in advance.

This is a known issue with winstore/UWP libraries. We hope to address it in the future. There’s not much that can be done to work around it.

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your time.

You’re saying this is a general delay with UWP file access? Or is the audio driver a lower priority?

Is there any bug reference or topic you can give me to look up?

Thanks again

There are ways we can improve how FMOD does file IO on UWP. It’s not related to drivers or a general Windows 10 issue.

Hi Nicholas,

Understood. So, thinking positively, its a solvable problem then :slight_smile:

If there’s anyway to help you achieve this, I’d be happy to help/ test for you. My requirement is purely Win10 Intel initially, (not sure if situation is complicated by the other hardware), although I’d be looking to hit xbox and hololens at some point later in the year.

If there’s anything else you can tell me about limitations on UWP that would be helpful, save me a lot of time, and give me an idea on where I need to focus my time. Can mail privately if that suits.

Thanks again