FMOD not deploying 5.1 wavs in UE4


I believe this is an issue with FMOD Studio. When I import mono or stereo files into FMOD and implement their Events in UE4 I get the sounds I’m looking for. When I drop a 5.1 mixed wav into FMOD and then implement its Event in UE4 I get no sound at all.

I have one 10-track audio asset here, fully mixed in dynamic 5.1. Took me all afternoon. I really want it to work :slight_smile: I don’t really want to have to remix all of that in FMOD.

I’ve tried deploying the same track as a mono wav instead, and it worked fine. I’ve removed the Distance Attenuation dialogue from the 5.1 wav Event; no difference. I’ve also tried different Master outputs for the 5.1 wav Event, also to no avail.

My conclusion is that FMOD has a problem with pre-mixed 5.1 wavs - but I really really hope it doesn’t, and that I’ve gone astray somewhere!

Any tips / advice would be appreciated.


I should have said “My conclusion is that there is a problem deploying pre-mixed 5.1 wavs in UE4 through FMOD.”

I’ve decided to downmix each channel from Cubase and import into FMOD, one channel per Audio Track. This should retain the dynamic movement across the speakers.

It’s not going to be as fiddly as I thought :slight_smile: Still, it is more fiddly than dropping a single wav into FMOD - so if anyone has any advice on this subject, it would be appreciated.


FMOD Studio does support 5.1 wav files, so it should just work. There isn’t anything particular special that UE4 does that should affect it either.

Do you hear anything when you audition the event in Studio?

To diagnose what is going on, you can connect the FMOD Studio profiler. To do this, run UE4 Play-In-Editor, then go to Studio and choose File->Connect. You can then open up a profile window and record a profiling session.

It should list the events that are playing, and record their levels. You should be able to see your event be triggered and see the levels as the event plays.

If you have a case where you think there is a bug, you can contact support with a profile replay, and we can diagnose it further.

Hi Geoff.

The audio plays properly through FMOD. When I try the profiler I’m not getting any info coming up at all - even for the mono sounds that are also playing at the same time. I’m right to leave the IP as ‘localhost’, aren’t I?


That should work. Make sure you connect after you start PIE, and that Studio has a red border (signifying that it is connected).

Studio’s example project has a 5.1 wav, if you play the Country event it should come through 5.1 properly. If you find that event works but yours doesn’t, it may be something particular about the wav file. In the case, you can contact support and provide the file and we can look into it further.