No audio in editor at all


I’ve been asked to prototype some binaural audio using FMOD and the Steam Audio plug in. In FMOD I get no audio when trying to send anything through the “Steam Audio Spatializer” instead of the standard Spatializer, but I’ve opened up a query with them regarding that.

My main issue is that I can build banks fine, I can preview the sounds from the FMOD events in the content browser, but when I try to input an ambiance or attach a one shot to a gun, I get no sound at all. I’m not sure why it’s not playing anything, I have FMOD as a plug in in UE4, and even sounds that are just going straight to the master are inaudible.

Any assistance is appreciated.

From the looks of the Steam Audio page, the FMOD Studio plugin only works with Unity. There is a separate native Unreal Engine 4 integration, but it does not utilize FMOD Studio.

I would suggest requesting an Unreal Engine 4 & FMOD Studio intergration from Valve.