Fmod not saving keeps giving load warning error

when I save my project even when making a new one it doesn’t work and this message pops up leaving me with nothing in the session I’ve got the finished session open with every thing so far but am too scared to save it as I don’t want to lose it all again.
does anyone know how to fix this?

This message indicates that files are either missing from your project or too corrupt to load. The most common cause of this issue is, as the message indicates, unticking certain options when exporting a package - but it sounds like that’s not what’s happened here.

The issue could also caused by a drive failure, by trying to save in a read-only location, or anything else that deletes files from your drive, prevents them from being written, or renders them inaccessible.

Where are you saving the project? If you try saving the project in a different drive or location, does the problem still occur?