FMOD Occlusion


I am currently trying to implement event occlusion into my game. After examination of the documentation and few days of testing I could’n achieve satisfying result and ran on
certain issues listed below. I appreciate every help. I’am using UE 4.17 version with corresponding FMOD plugin installed and FMOD Studio:

1.When I added the “Occlusion”:“1” to the user properties of an event, nothing happens to volume or effects I add to the event (low-pass, Three EQ or Multiband EQ DSP). After debug I realized that code executes as it suppose to (when this user properties are included in to the event), but the changes do not apply on the volume or effects!?

  1. When I added “Occlusion” parameter to same event volume and effects started to react based on upon linetrece result, but it changes parameter value instantly, it doesn’t include interpolation time from occlusion settings. Of course I could smooth this behavior with “Seek speed” but as Occlusion is the global Parameter, all of my instances with this parameter would act in the same way!? How can I alter this seek time for each instance or overwrite “Seek time”?

  2. Finally I tried to find some FMOD examples of programming geometry, but I could not find the examples in the path referenced in the documentation(api/studio/examples/). Have the path changed,or have I missed something?

Thanks in advance, Dino

What version of FMOD are you using?

FMOD integration for UE 4.17
FMOD Studio 1.10.01

Best Dino

Make sure you have also enabled Occlusion on the individual events in the game, in the Details panel for the FMODAudio component you can find an option for ‘Occlusion Details’, here is where you can customize the occlusion in game and per object.

I have enabled all the properties in the FMODAudio component which are listed in the documentation, and as I stated before my occlusion works but only with parameter “Occlusion” added in the event (which wouldn’t be the case if I haven’t enabled it) but none of the parameters in the occlusion settings seem to modify the original behavior of this parameter (interpolation time, low pass, etc…).

Are you getting any errors or warnings in the output log?

No, I can confirm to you that there is no errors in the output log!

Try connecting Live Update to the game to see if you can see the levels changing. Once connected to the game you can make changes to the project and it will update in real-time. Also you can solo buses or groups in the Mixer window, this will only play the sounds from the bus/group and make it easier to listen to.

I’m not too sure how else I can help, as I don’t seem to have any issues using occlusion here. I would either need to see the project or at the very least a video of it.