FMOD project failing to refresh

I’m fairly experienced with Unity, but very new to FMOD and having a problem that is driving me insane. I’m in Unity 2017.3.of3 and using an FMOD project built in what I think is 1.10.03. I’m the engineer and I’m working with an audio designer who is sending me updates to an FMOD project. Here’s where I’m at.

  1. I integrate the first FMOD test project and play a couple sounds - works fine.
  2. Audio Designer sends me an updated version, which I use to overwrite the existing files.
  3. Unity doesn’t complain, but despite the FMOD project being entirely new, Unity is showing me the old banks and plays the old sounds.
  4. I try to delete the FMOD project and get a windows error because something I can’t track down is holding on to it.
  5. I restart my machine.
  6. I completely blow away the FMOD project.
  7. Unity (correctly) complains that it can’t find the project.
  8. I copy the new project back over and point my project to it in FMOD settings.
  9. Same as #3

Please help? I don’t understand how Unity can be holding on to references from an FMOD project that I deleted. I’ve tried everything in Unity’s FMOD menu - refreshing banks and such. No luck.

Got it - I’ll post an answer here in case someone else has this problem. My audio designer sent me a new project, but apparently hadn’t rebuilt the project for all platforms.