'GUID' does not exist in the namespace 'FMOD'


I’m working in a 2018.4.18 Unity project currently that aims at having audio implemented with FMOD. I installed FMOD for unity 2.01.11 (Unity verified) and later on found out that my Authoring tool 2.0.3 (newest one to date) wouldn’t be useful for banks. As an inexperienced FMOD user I simply imported the 2.0.3 unity package without realizing that I was creating such chaos in my Unity project. After several unorthodox procedures (my project is backed up with a version control system thankfully) I found to just reinstall the Fmod for Unity available in the store (2.01.11) and made sure that the authoring tool matches that version. However, it all ends up with a eventreference exception as shown below:

Guys could you lend me a hand with finding a happy ending to this? My dev team will have a smile in their faces if I can cope with this issue.

BTW I already did the deleting FMOD contents manually and made sure there was no trace with the fmod package. Oh and I even reinstalled Unity

There are still traces of FMOD 2.02.03 in your project, fortunately this is one of the easier ones to remove:

  • Delete Assets\Plugins\FMOD
  • Reimport FMOD Unity Integration 2.01.11

That should be it- let me know if it’s still broken though

Hi Jew

Thanks for your message! I’d already tried to download the integration in a very similar way you described it. But, it required more drastic measures this time coz the issue was still there. At the end, I had to remove the Unity project (git included) and delete the Unity install. Then pulled the project back again into my computer and made sure I had a fresh Unity install with the version I needed. After that, I could put the Fmod integration into the project without any issue.

You guys rock with the Unity integration packages. I mean there are really easy to put in a project but really hard to remove from it. I’m just wondering if you’ve got plans to pull up sort of a uninstaller. This is not the first time I’ve got issues with deleting the integration and maybe some other users have had a similar experience. Just a thought here from a game audio guy that might be useful for you to make FMOD an even better piece of software


Glad to hear you got it working. From 2.02 onwards the Unity Integration now exists in a single directory and no longer sprawls through the entire project, which should make it a lot easier to remove from now on. But yes, we don’t really have safeguards to prevent the situation where you accidentally install the wrong version. Thank you for the suggestion- I can see how an uninstaller would be useful to correct this and many other situations, I will pass it along to the Dev team!