Fmod Refresh Project after Getting new assets

I am using git to manage my fmod project with my teamates.
However, if i use git to “pull” new things which will update the fmod project which i am working on, i do find i got lots of new events or assets from other (i got lots of xml updated), but the fmod projects i am working on cannot update only if i close all fmod window and reopen my fmod project…
Is there any way to refresh opening fmod project ?

Thank you so much

Any response from this topic? Thank you!

Unfortunately, you will have to refresh the entire project by closing and reopening in order for FMOD Studio to import your new changes into the workspace. That said, you can accomplish this easily by doing File → Revert to Saved: if there are no unsaved changes, then this is functionally the same as reopening the entire project.

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Thank you! But is it a way to speed up reopning the entire project?

No. FMOD Studio still needs to go through the entire project structure to process and link up any changes, so some loading time is unavoidable.

Thanks a lot!
By the way, if I change to SVN or P4 to update new assets, i need to reopen FMOD studio as well, right? (

Yes, that’s correct.

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