Refresh edited sounds automatically in studio

Is there a way to refresh sounds automatically that were edited in an external sample editor? That would make the workflow when you have to edit a lot of sounds much easier.

FMOD Studio cannot do this automatically. The main reason for this is that FMOD Studio cannot tell when you want to refresh files.

Refreshing an audio file changes the trigger region length of synchronous single instruments based on that file, updates the file’s metadata, and may alters the output formats of tracks and buses set to “automatic” if the new version of the files has a different channel format to the old. While these changes are usually desireable, there are specific situations in which you might want to postpone the refresh, or even avoid it entirely. As such, refreshing files must remain a manual action.

To make refreshing large numbers of assets easier, the “#modified” search term will find all modified assets in your project, and you can multi-select assets in order to refresh them in bulk.

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Then it would be nice if you could at least rightclick->refresh instead of having to search for it in the audio bin. I don’t really see a downside to that.

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You mean “Refresh All”? That’s a good idea. I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.

I would like to +1 this feature. I find when iterating on a sound for a game, having to go Render>Alt-Tab to FMOD>Find asset>Refresh>Build gets tedious after the 100th time.

Render>Build>Test would be best, if that could be an option (build would have to auto refresh)