FMOD Rumble support

Hi everyone!

I was curious if FMOD has any features that would help with setting up our game’s sounds to utilize the rumble feature in a controller? I’ve been doing deep dives on google and the forums/FMOD user guide, but haven’t been able to find any rumble-related features in FMOD.


This is currently not a feature of FMOD except for sending signals (audio and haptics) to a PS5 DualSense remote, Windows version of FMOD only. Which is great!

This kind of feature, on a much more broad scope, is something I really, REALLY want as well.

I’ve chatted with 3rd party haptics solutions for years, in hopes of convincing them to make an FMOD extension. The ideal situation would be to use any controller (be it a Joy-Con, DualSense, iPhone, anything) and map its buttons to events and parameters in FMOD, and of course send haptic/audio data from FMOD directly to the controller/device.

The only group I’ve received traction from is Lofelt. I think it would be very worth it to reach out and express interest. The more, the better. Their haptic algorithm for mobile feels really good, and they’ve got plans to expand to other platforms including consoles in the future. They’re interested in making an FMOD plugin but it’s on the distant horizon for them.