FMOD Scatter Instrument Help

(Ollie Taylor) #1

Hi everyone,

Having trouble with a general ambience scatter instrument, would be much appreciated if I could get some help.

I’ve setup a Unity trigger for an event containing a scatter instrument in FMOD. I get sound and it pans ok when I look around but the closer I get to the trigger the louder the scatter gets - I want the volume to be equal across the map, but keep the 3D panning. I’ve turned off distance attentuation and tried turning off the envelopment and the spatializer. Making the min/max distance massive (so it covers the whole map) doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?



(リチャード清水) #2

Hi Ollie,

If you want your scatterer instrument to not attenuate by distance to the listener, you need to remove the spatializer from the event’s master track and then set the event’s 3D attributes to match/follow the listener.

You can use the Event Orientation built-in parameter to give some variety to the event’s output depending on which way the listener/event instance is facing. You could also use game code to keep the event instance facing a certain direction.

I hope this has been helpful.