Scatter instrument with mono event instruments does not spatialize


I have a Scatter instrument with a lot of event instruments inside. The event instruments all play mono with no spatializer on them. I would expect the scatter instrument to spatialize the event instruments like it does when putting sounds directly into the scatter instrument, but I don’t get any spatialization at all. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

This is the intended behavior.

A scatterer instrument modifies the 3D attributes of the event instance and passes those modified 3D attributes to the sounds it spawns; if those sounds contain spatializing effects, those spatializing effects use the 3D attributes to pan and attenuate the sound as normal.

Single instruments in a scatterer instrument are automatically given hidden spatializing effects with their max distances set to 20, which is why you can hear them being spatialized. (This is not appropriate for all use-cases, of course, but there are a variety of ways to work around it.)

In any case, the reason why you are not hearing spatilization is because the event instruments in your scatterer instrument’s playlist do not have any spatializing effects. Add spatializing effects to their master tracks and set those effects’ properties appropriately as befits the needs of your project, and the spatialization you desire will occur.

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Thank you for clarifying that Joseph :raised_hands: Everything works as expected now that I added spatializers to the event instruments