Moving Scatterer-based Ambience Event with the listener

I am designing an ambience sound with two tracks. First layer is a loop and the other layer is a scattered event.

The problem is that although the event is 2d (contains a loop and a scatterer), the sounds that I inserted into the scatterer stays in one place as if the sound was 3D.

What I would like achieve is to have both layers within that event - the loop (that works fine) and the scatterer to surround the player whenever he moves around the level.

I know that I can set min/max distance to 0 and use random modulator on panning, but this does not give me the result that I want, because I don’t want the sound to move with the rotation of a camera. I would like the scatterer sounds to be spawned in 3d space around the player as he moves around and he can recognise the sound direction.

The only workaround I can think of is to attach the event to the listener within a game engine and make it independent of the rotation. Is this the right way to do it? Or is there a way to set it up from within FMOD?

It sounds like you both want the sounds spawned by the scatterer instrument to always spawn near the listener, but for individual spawned sounds to not rotate and move with the listener. If so, there is no way to do this using just one event instance.

Instead, I recommend having your game’s code create new event instances near the listener at random intervals. (You could potentially use a scatterer instrument to randomize the apparent locations of these instances by setting the scatterer instrument’s Spawn Total property to 1.)