Fmod Screensets

Maybe this is an odd question, but I’m wondering if there’s anyway to set up a custom screenset for Fmod based on having more than one monitor?

I’m working from two monitors at the moment and it would be nice if when using the ‘View’ option and control to bring up the mixer window if Fmod knew to default the mixer view to the 2nd window/monitor. Is there any chance that there is a way to set this behavior/workflow up currently?

FMOD Studio does not currently support custom screensets.

This feature is already resent in our feature/improvement tracker, but has not yet been scheduled for development, so I cannot provide an estimate as to when it will be implemented.

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All good! I’m happy that it’s something that’s going to be in development! Thank you for the update Joesph, have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:

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