Mixer window to high

Hi, I started use FMOD Studio 1.08.10 64bit on windows 10. Everything is ok but the Mixer window is to high for my screen, and the Deck panel doesn’t appear completely. The strange thing is that this mistake is only present with the Mixer window and not with the others windows.
I tried to drag the mouse on the line between the bottom side of the mixing desk and the top side of the desk, when appear the black arrow, but I can only minimize the Deck area…
This is the window with the Deck minimize
enter image description here

and with the Deck open

enter image description here

I should try to reinstal FMOD Studio?

Unfortunately, FMOD Studio is designed for a minimum vertical resolution of 900 pixels. On lower-resolution screens, certain windows cannot be displayed correctly. This is rarely an issue for users of desktop computers, but some notebook computers still have displays with very low native resolutions.

Unfortunately, the only solution at this time is to use a monitor that supports a higher vertical resolution.


Ok thank you