Incorrect mouse input on second monitor with display scaling

I use FMOD Studio 2.01.08 on Windows 10 with a dual 4K monitor setup, with display scaling set to 150%.

When I use FMOD Studio on the “primary” monitor as designated in the Windows display settings things are fine. Similarly, things are fine if I set the Windows display scaling to 100%. However, when FMOD Studio is on a non-primary monitor (regardless of which monitor is which) which has display scaling actvated many of the controls cease to work as intended. Examples:

  • Clicking on any Volume knob results in the cursor jumping to a different location, and the knob immediately being set to max volume.
  • Dragging a control point on an automation curve attached to a Logic Track results in the point being positioned at the top left most point of the curve’s display.
  • Dragging the Pitch or Start Offset properties of an Instrument immediately sets it to the maximum value.

Is this a known issue?

Thank you for reporting this issue! It definitely seems like a bug, so I’ve added it to our bug tracker.

Still an issue, encountering it even if both monitors are set to scale identically.

According to our records, this issue was fixed in FMOD Studio version 2.01.11. Which version of FMOD Studio are you using when you encounter it?