Incorrect mouse input on second monitor with display scaling

I use FMOD Studio 2.01.08 on Windows 10 with a dual 4K monitor setup, with display scaling set to 150%.

When I use FMOD Studio on the “primary” monitor as designated in the Windows display settings things are fine. Similarly, things are fine if I set the Windows display scaling to 100%. However, when FMOD Studio is on a non-primary monitor (regardless of which monitor is which) which has display scaling actvated many of the controls cease to work as intended. Examples:

  • Clicking on any Volume knob results in the cursor jumping to a different location, and the knob immediately being set to max volume.
  • Dragging a control point on an automation curve attached to a Logic Track results in the point being positioned at the top left most point of the curve’s display.
  • Dragging the Pitch or Start Offset properties of an Instrument immediately sets it to the maximum value.

Is this a known issue?

Thank you for reporting this issue! It definitely seems like a bug, so I’ve added it to our bug tracker.