FMOD Studio 2.0 compatibility?

Is FMOD Studio 2.0 100% compatible with older projects and in-game APIs? If two (or more people) are working on an FMOD project can some of them have 2.0 and others an old version of FMOD Studio?

FMOD Studio 2.00 constitutes a new major version, and we do not guarantee perfect compatibility between major versions. More specifically, FMOD Studio 2.00 supports command instruments, global parameters, speed built-in parameters, and other kinds of new content that were not supported in earlier versions of FMOD Studio. It is therefore not a good idea for only some members of a team to use FMOD Studio when collaborating on a shared project.

That being said, we do support migrating projects from one major version of FMOD Studio to another, provided that every member of your team migrates to the same new version. For information about migrating to new versions of FMOD Studio, see the Migrating FMOD Studio Projects section of our manual.

Got it, thanks. I’ll update my game’s API before using FMOD Studio 2.0. Moving all team members to 2.0 isn’t a big deal.