Unity Live Update, stuck in "Live Update Reconnecting"

Attempting to use Live Update. Whether I try to connect to the Unity editor over localhost or a separate machine, the status just flashes “Live Update Reconnecting” indefinitely.

In the Unity editor I don’t see the message “FMOD Studio: Creating runtime system instance”
But I also don’t see “FMOD Studio: Cannot network port for Live Update, restarting with Live Update disabled. Check for other applications that are running FMOD Studio.” Live update is Enabled unerr Play in Editor Setttings, listening on port 9264.

I do get a warning about adding an FMOD listener, because it gets added dynamically after the scene starts running.

Unity version 2019.1.1f1
FMOD Studio version 1.09.06 and 2.00.01 tested

Are you able to change the Logging Level to ‘LOG’ to see if that provides any more information on the issue?

I’m actually having this exact same issue.

Unity: 2019.1.1f1
FMOD Studio 1.09.06
macOS Mojave 10.14.5

Trying to Live Connect to ‘localhost’ or ‘’ both loop in the “Live Update Reconnecting” state in FMOD Studio.

Not sure what you mean by changing the logging level. I see in the FMOD Settings page there’s a logging level setting in the FMODStudioSettings asset, but I’m not seeing that on my end:

Sorry didn’t realize you were on 1.09. That feature was added in 1.10.

there should be a fmod.log file in the projects root folder, can you check that for errors or warnings?

It looks like it’s repeatedly looping through connecting then having its connection reset.

[LOG] LiveUpdate::acceptInitPacket : Client 0x7faa5ac75208 connected, entering connected state
[ERR] ProfileClient::recvThreadLoopFunction : Recv thread loop returned 16
[LOG] ProfileClient::markForDead : Closing client connection
[LOG] Thread::callback : FMOD profiler thread (recv) finished.
[LOG] Thread::callback : FMOD profiler thread (send) finished.
[LOG] LiveUpdate::clientDisconnected : client = 0x7faa5ac75208
[LOG] LiveUpdate::reset : Reset connection (reason Disconnected)
[LOG] Thread::initThread : Init FMOD profiler thread (recv). Priority: 0, Stack Size: 131072, Semaphore: No, Sleep Time: 0, Looping: No.
[LOG] Thread::initThread : Init FMOD profiler thread (send). Priority: 0, Stack Size: 131072, Semaphore: No, Sleep Time: 0, Looping: No.
[LOG] LiveUpdate::clientConnected : client = 0x7faa5b180a08
[LOG] LiveUpdate::readPacket : Accepting init message for client 0x7faa5b180a08
[LOG] LiveUpdate::transitionToConnected :
[LOG] Manager::sendConnectTimeHash :
[LOG] LiveUpdate::sendBankHash :
[LOG] LiveUpdate::sendBankHash :
[LOG] LiveUpdate::sendBankHash :

I pasted the full log here.

Tested upgrading to a 1.10.x version of FMOD Studio, and things connect just fine. This might be the best solution for most folks, but we’re nearing end of production, so it sounds like we’re locking ourselves to 1.09.06, in this case. :<

Are you using the same version of the FMOD Unity integration and the FMOD Studio tool?

N…no. The answer, it turns out, is no. Which is very likely the problem.

Thanks for the help!

That would do it, to use the profiler it is required that you use the same version of FMOD API and Studio. The information sent to the profiler can change drastically over major versions, so we don’t allow it to connect. I have added a task to look into improving the documentation on version compatibility.

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