Spatializer Paning Problem

Hi folks… Im having problems setting the spatializer on my events. The thing is im not sure how the spatializer plugin calculates Paning. I assumed that a punctual object with a mono sound, sound size 0 and min extent 0 should be hard paned left and right as soon as the object moves to each side of the camera, regardless the distance.

But thats not the case, i hear like 50 or 40% paning, and then 100% but only if im considerably far.

Listener is positioned exactly where the camera is.

I’m not sure if im being clear enough… but i need to hear it 100% on the left as soon as it gets on the left side of the camera. Does anyone know the math behind spatializer calculations?

You could potentially achieve the behavior you want by expanding the spatializer effect’s 2D Pan Mix drawer, setting its Mix property to 100%, setting its Extent property low, and automating its Direction property on a built-in Direction parameter. Does that sound like what you want?

You’re right, it should work as you said. And it does, for me, at least in Fmod Studio:

Edit: even with attenuation ON, it still does a hard pan, regardless of the distance.

Hi there! thanks for your reply. As you say, it does work like that within FMOD playback. Nontheless, it does not when integrated in the game. The thing is something with the API i guess. I suppose its not gamecode related, as theres no script mediating in pan calculation, its automatically done by Unity/FMOD API.

Auditioning in FMOD Studio uses the same code as playing events using the FMOD API, so there must be something different. What distance units are you using in your game, what engine (and integration) are you using, and what coordinates are you moving the event instance to in your game’s world?

Hi Joseph! Thanks for your Reply… I was trying to understand what you ment in order to give you a propper response. The answer is yes, but no, haha… Automating pan with direction parametera actually does the job (regardless of pan override), because i can make a more exagerated curve… But it would demand to make that particular adjustment in every single event.

Im still trying to find a solution that make Spatializer sound as it does within FMOD internal monitoring.

One thing that must be mentioned, our game is 2D. And my problem now is that in-game, i hear paning AS IF the listener had the fullscreen size… (Is that explanatory??..) Meaning, if an object is at the listeners left side, its not heard completly on the left, but just a little, even with sound size and min extent set to 0.

We are working on a pixel art 2D game where 1 unit is 32 pixels. Our camera is 640 by 360 and it’s orthographic (so horizontally there are 20 units and vertically 11.25). The camera is set at Z -10 and we have an attenuation object that has an opposite Z offset (+10) to match the audio listener to the objects in the world. We are using Unity as the engine and the Unity Integration. We are moving on the x and y coordinates.

You could use a preset effect in order to use the same automation curve in every event.

The listener has no size. It is a set of coordinates that define a point in space.

This sounds like the object is not actually at the listener’s left side, but ahead of the listener and slightly to the left - which is to say, it sounds like the listener is attached to the camera, and the camera is positioned a short distance away from the 2D plane of your game.

I suspect there is an object in your game world that you want the listener to be attached to - perhaps a specific character controlled by the player? It sounds like you want the listener to be attached to this character, rather than to the camera. Is that correct?

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