FMOD studio app can't even open the example

Just downloaded the FMOD studio app 1.3.3 and it can’t even open the examples.fspro bundled with it.
Error box says invalid database file, contact

Seriously guys, a few months ago, I rallied my company to use your product. Finally got approved, and everything has changed with many many bugs.
From custom codec not working anymore to mp3 looping bugs, bank format that changed, even seeing weird bugs with events and I can’t even open the examples fspro files that comes with the app! :evil: :x

When are you planning an update?

That was the issue (DMG). I suggest changing the error box as you said.

That’s curious, I’m having no trouble opening the examples project here. That said, you could potentially see this problem if you attempted to open the project from a read-only location, such as from inside the .dmg archive we distribute Studio in. Studio, like many other content authoring applications, needs to be able to write to the disk in order to function, so the projects it uses need to be stored in writeable locations. (This is good practice for any application, not just Studio.) If you have not extracted the contents of the .dmg before opening examples.fspro, I suggest you do try that now; If still you experience this error when the project is in a writeable location, you should contact for further help.

Since you’ve pointed it out, the current error message isn’t very informative. We’ll change it in a future version.

Incidentally, I do recommend you contact rather than posting on this forum if your issue is urgent. We check both frequently and regularly; This forum, on the other hand, is only checked intermittently and is not integrated with our internal issue tracking mechanisms, as it is designed primarily as a way for our users to help each other. You probably will get an answer here, but not necessarily as quickly as you will through e-mail.