how to load a previous version of .fspro project file

I seems to have a problem whit an event, corrupted or something, that make Studio crash immediately as soon as I try to click on it.

I’m trying to load a previous version of the .fspro, but it is asking for previous version of the .mixer file and the .tag file I tryed copying and renaming accordingly the .mixer and .tag files but the Studio crash before opeing the .fspro of the previous version.

The .fspro file doesn’t store event data. Event data is stored in the project folder’s ‘events’ subdirectory.

In fact, it’s probably best not to think of the .fspro as being “the project file”: The .fspro is just used to open the project; The project is the project directory and everything it contains. Thus, unless you actually have a version of the whole project from before the corruption took place, it is unlikely you will be able to fix the problem on your own.

Instead, I recommend you e-mail a copy of your project to along with a description of how the problem arose. We’ll then be able to examine the project’s xml for clues, and hopefully edit it to fix the problem.