"FMOD Studio could not load bank" error


Opening Unity with my previously working fmod build now says :
“BankLoadException : FMOD Studio could not load bank ’ E:\WORK\gamename\FMOD\buildpath\Build\bankname.bank’ : ERR_PLUGIN_MISSING : A requested output, dsp unit type or codec was not available.”

I’ve tried searching the web and past asked questions, but I do not feature any plugins in my build. What could be the reason behind this error?

The output in FMOD and Unity are both set to stereo too.

Are you sure you aren’t using any plugins at all? The FMOD Distance Filter and Gain DSP’s are classed as plugins if you have any of those. You can also search by DSP effect, just to make sure there aren’t any effects hidden somewhere.

Next thing to do would be manually delete the banks in the Streaming Assets folder to allow the Integration to copy over new fresh banks.

If you still have the error after that, can you send us the compete log files for the editor and fmod.

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