FMOD Studio Event's Master Track dock bug

Hey guys

Just found a small bug on the master track. If you drag the send to be pre-fader, it deletes the [+] slot.
There’s a very easy workaround simply add the stuff before you drag it, but just thought of reporting it.

There is probably a channel to report bugs as well. Apologies if I missed that!


I’m not sure I understand. The ‘+’ panel exists only to indicate that modules can be added in that position; Once you’ve added one, you presumably know, so it disappearing is the correct behaviour. What unexpected behaviour is occurring?

Incidentally, we’re happy to fix bugs no matter how we hear about them: This forum, other people’s web sites, overheard conversations on the train… A bug is a bug, after all, and we need to fix them. That said, the best way to report bugs is to send an e-mail to; It guarantees a rapid response from us, and we have a whole system for tracking and responding to support e-mails, so you’ll get more reliable feedback and we’ll have an easier time handing the issue’s paperwork.

Thanks for the report!

ahh! I didn’t actually try to add another module after the [+] disappeared.
I thought the [+] indicated the possibility to add another module in that position, so when it disappeared I didn’t even try.

No worries, I’m pretty new to FMOD, specially Studio which I only really started thinkering with in the past few weeks. I like reporting anything I find in the hopes that things can be improved for everyone!

Hmm, we hadn’t thought of that interpretation, but it does make sense… I’ll bring it up at one of our planning meetings, and see if we can come up with a better way of indicating that modules can be added without cluttering the interface. Thanks for the feedback!