Fmod Studio freezing when unloading second project

My workflow makes me working at the same time with different versions of a project based on 2.01.07 fmod studio version. So Fmod Studio is launched twice. But after closing one of them, I cannot come back on the second project. When the remaining application instance get the focus, it freezes.

Thks if you have got any idea how yo resolove that.


Rather than opening two different instances of FMOD Studio, have you tried using a single instance of FMOD Studio to open both versions of your project? To open a project in the same instance of FMOD Studio as an already-loaded project, use the “File > Open…” menu command to open the second project.

Thks for your answer,
I tested your way of launching but it gave me the same issue.



Approximately how large is the project that you’re closing? The time required to close and clean up a project is proportional to the amount of content that it contains, so knowing how many events, assets, and other content it contains could help us determine the nature of this issue.