Marker Frozen

FMOD Studio 1.09.06 Windows 10

I have taken a screen shot but it doesn’t show that the cursor. I’m trying to right click on it and nothing happens. I can on the first one labeled ‘Exploring the Field’ but not the one ‘Chaos Region’. Nothing happens. It doesn’t highlight. There is no drop down menu as there is in the first one. I can’t move it up to create more space for a for a second transition region.

I have had other issues with trying to do an assignment for a class. This is my third attempt. What happens is I create a second transition region with an event trigger. The counter continues as if it plays after being triggered but the white bar freezes and no sound comes out. This is making sure that the first transition trigger is not triggered.

I don’t know where or how to upload a screenshot.

Hi Dee,

You mentioned that you have a transition region in your event. Do you have a transition timeline opened? This is when you double click on a transition marker or transition region and a new timeline appears with a green ruler at the top.

When a transition timeline is open you cannot interact with the marker or transition marker/region related to that transition. You can see which transitions markers or regions have a transition timeline associated with it by the circle to the left of the name.

If you don’t have the transition timeline open, when the cursor reaches this transition it will appear to stay in place for the duration of the timeline. There is more information for this in our manual (press F1 in FMOD Studio).

If you still wish to upload a screenshot you can use a free image hosting site like Imgur and just link to it here.


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