Multiple Problems with Transition Timelines


If I double click on a transition after I created it, a little circle appears in the green arrow and most of the times it “freezes” and I can’t click it anymore.

Also, if I manage to successfully double-click it, the transition timeline will expand (as it’s supposed to), but I can’t interact with it.

ALSO, even if I open someone’s else project that has transition timelines (with events and automations correctly set up), when I play it back they won’t expand: FMOD will freeze for the duration of the transition (still can hear audio though) and the playhead will jump a little later in the timeline.

I’m running FMOD Studio 1.09.04 on an iMac with OS 10.11.06 (El Capitan).
I’ve also tried to run it on a MacBook Pro with Sierra and I’ve got almost the same problems.

This totally looks like a bug. Am I the only one who experienced it?

It sounds like you have follow cursor mode turned off. While follow cursor mode is turned off, transition timelines only expand if manually expanded, in order to facilitate editing while auditioning. You can manually expand a transition timeline by double-clicking on its associated transition.

To turn follow cursor mode back on, click on the Follow Cursor toggle button, located just to the right of the time/beats display. (It has a picture of an arrow on it.)


Thank you Joseph, that fixed points 2 and 3, but point 1 still happens.
I had to go back to version 1.09.02 to fix it … any idea why?

Double-clicking on a transition creates a transition timeline; The circle indicates that a transition timeline is present. I have not, however, been able to reproduce the freeze you describe. Does the entire interface freeze, or just the transition in question?

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At the time that I asked the question only that transition, but sometimes it happened with other elements as well in the past. I was unable to click on them again, so that I was forced to close and reopen the project.

Another frustrating problem that sometimes happened to me and other people in my class was right after opening an existing project: the “play” button and the spacebar didn’t work right away, so that I had to reopen the project.

1.09.02 seems more stable so far. I’ll try again when 1.09.05 comes out.
Thanks for your help!

I’ve not been able to reproduce this freezing behaviour, unfortunately. If you have a project that exhibits the behaviour consistently, please send it to, along with a mention of which FMOD Studio version you were using when the freeze occurred. We may be able to identify and fix the cause of the problem.

Awesome, thanks again