Fmod Studio Migration Problem

Hi Guys,

We are contacting you to ask your help concerning a major bug we encoutered with latest version of Fmod Studio.
We released a game in 2014 called DeadCore on Steam using Fmod studio 1.04.

We partnered with company to port the game over Xbox One and PS4, so we decided to build new banks with the latest Fmod release and made the conversion from the old Fmod project, because they told us that it was required for PS4 support.
At first everything looked fine but we encountered several issues that we have no solution for.

Since the conversion, all 2D stereo sounds are now mono and centered (no pan) and all 3D sound don’t have pan anymore too. So basically, in the game no sound have working pan and all stereo sound are mono centered. Oddly, if we create new sound in the same Fmod project, they work (both 2D and 3D).

Here are 2 videos to demonstrate our problem :

  • Event 2D :
    From 0:00 to 0:22 : Play on old event converted and supposed to play 2D and stereo, we can clearly hear that they are mono centered. We can’t manage to have it working (We forced stereo, refresh the output etc…)
    From 0:22 to end : We create a new 2D event with the same sound : it works.

  • Event 3D :
    From 0:00 to 0:14 : Play on the old event converted and supposed to play a spatial 3D sound. As we can see, the sound is not panning, when we move its position it stays centered.
    From 0:14 to end : We create a new 3D event with the same sound : it works.
    We tried to convert the project with all your currently available version of Fmod Studio but the problem is still the same.

We would really appreciate if you could look at it, because right now we have no solution.
We could provide Fmod Studio Session if necesseray

Thank you very much for your help,

Best regards.

The 5 Bits Games team


It appears there is an issue with the migration of projects from 1.05 and before that does not correctly resolve the format for sends when they are on a bus in the global mixer.

We are working on a fix for our future patch release, in the meantime, if there aren’t too many sends in global buses, you can remove the sends and re-add them to fix the issue.

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