FMOD Studio + Unity + Git

Hey there!

I’m currently implementing fmod into a Unity project I work on together with others over git!

Now, I just wanna push the necessary files and leave everything else out. Preferably I would like to have the FMOD Studio project in a completely different directory. I have set my export folder to one in the Unity project, but the problem is that Unity also needs the project file!

So, I now have 2 options:

  1. I copy the fmod studio project file over to the Unity project whenever I need to push my changes. This is of course bothersome and can lead to mistakes.
  2. I put the fmod studio project into a folder of the Unity project and use .gitignore to only push the necessary files. This seems not very pretty to me, because if someone else needs access (for example the musician) to the fmod studio project I can’t just change my .gitignore file for that one person. I would need to manually send them my project and that’s a nono in times of git.

The perfect behaviour I would like to have is:

  • Have the fmod studio project in a seperate directory so that I can use git for a seperate git project.
  • Have the fmod studio project file export too together with the bank files into a directory of my choosing, so I only have the necessary files in my Unity project.

Is there any way how I am supposed to do that?

As you using Git, you can put FMODStudio project as a submodule.

How I did it but this was on Unreal Engine:

  • Make another repository for FMODStudio Project.
  • Then add it as submodule in the Sourcetree for your Unity Project.

Never tested it out with Unity but so far I’m okay with using FMOD + Unity on other devices as well.

One down turn that will happen

  • Always push FMODProject into Git before pushing the Unity one.
  • After pushing the FMODProject into Git, the Unity Git will appear a submodule in which you need to push together so latest master will have the latest Unity files + FMODProject files.
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You can choose to link the FMOD Integration to a build folder instead of a project:

What you can do, if I’m understanding you correctly, is:

  • In FMOD Studio, set the build directory to a folder next to the Unity Projects Asset folder.
    This way it won’t get included in the game.
  • In the FMOD Integration settings, change to either Single Platform Build or Multiple Platform Build and point it to the build folder.
  • Use relative paths to allow other people to have the same workflow if needed.

Now you have your FMODStudio project separated from the Unity project.