FMOD UE4 2.10.04 Audio Obstruction/Occlusion



Although the native UE4 integration for Audio Occlusion works as intended, it doesn’t seem to address Audio Obstruction, affording binary occlusion by default.

I’ve read that, historically, the geometry engine has handled this sort of thing.

Many posts reference it coming in 1.09 for UE4. Did that ever pan out? Is there any way to leverage the geometry engine, while still using FMOD Studios and UE4? I’d love to be able to supply simplified geo for modelling outputs.

There are solution for this I could implement on the game project side, but I wanted to double check other avenues first.

Thanks in advance!

If you are looking for a finer degree of control than binary on/off occlusion then it would be best to use a combination of the FMOD Occlusion parameters along with Snapshots for more granular changes to the relevant sound sources. The Geometry Engine is best suited for use with the Core API and to use it inside UE would likely be a lot of extra work for very little gain.