Low-level sound occlusion


I’m looking to implement sound occlusion for low-level sounds. I’ve seen this:


But since I’m not working with events, this won’t work for me. I’ve seen some documentation about FMOD::Geometry, but I’ve seen no examples for it so I’m not sure if this will work and if it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Will I need to ‘manually’ add all relevant polygons to my UE4 map, or would it be wiser to wait till FMOD catches up with UE4.11’s new attenuation features?

Thanks for the help!

UE4 doesnt work with the low level API, just the FMOD Studio tool and API (Studio runtime).

Low level sounds are made with FMOD::Sound objects and played on FMOD::Channel objects, and can be occluded with geometry by using the System::createGeometry commands. Studio events are not occluded by FMOD::Geometry polygons yet. This should happen in 1.09.