FMOD Unity cannot find events or banks

Hi, today I installed the most recent version of FMOD Studio and also imported the most recent version of FMOD Unity into my Unity project using Unity 2019.30f3. In a new FMOD Studio file I created a new event that plays a sound find, linked this to the master bank, and built the bank, and saved the Studio file. In Unity under FMOD settings I pointed FMOD Unity to the Studio file, and yet when I add an event emitter component to an empty object it cannot find any events or banks. I tried deleting the bank files and rebuilding them from the Studio file, resaving, everything. Restarted Unity several times. I also tried pointing the directory to the folder where the banks are located using the “Single Platform Build” settings. I know that my bank files are being built because I see them populate in the folder Assets>Streaming Assets > Desktop. I know that Unity is linked to FMOD Studio because when I make a ‘new event’ from the event emitter component I see it create a new event in my Studio project. And yet, when I add an audio file to the event and add it to the master bank and build the bank, Unity still does not find any events. What is with this software? It makes me really not want to use it if its so complicated to even get it functioning at the most basic level.

I had to downgrade my version of FMOD Studio to match the version number of the newest Unity FMOD 2.009 I believe. Evidently the newest version of FMOD Studio is not compatible with the newest version of Unity FMOD? I feel like that should be clearly outlined on the download site - if it is, I clearly missed it.

Hi Mike,
We will more clearly direct unity users to 2.00 in the FMOD Studio download page , I can see how there could be confusion. It is usually the best to keep the tool and api on the same release version.

I’m getting a similar issue where my banks are not being loaded into the FMOD Asset Sub Folder as bytes files (or any file, for that matter, but I’m using the AssetBundle import method), however my Unity integration and FMOD Studio are both 2.01.04.

In the meantime I’m going to downgrade both to see if that was the root of my issue.

EDIT: Just downgraded both to 2.01.01 because that’s the version our sound designer is on. Built banks using this version of FMOD Studio, but now I’m getting the following error:

FMOD Studio: Encounterd Error: ERR_VERSION The version number of this file format is not supported.

EDIT 2: Ahahaha, oh dear. Make sure you check your version numbers properly. My frustrated monkey brain was adding the wrong Unity integration!