Could not load bank

Hello, I have been trying to get fmod to work all day and i can’t seem to figure how to fix this error any ideas?

You have a version mismatch. The version of FMOD Studio used that the banks were created in is different from the FMOD for Unity version. Check the version on each and upgrade whichever needs upgrading.

Hello thanks for reaching out, I have updated my version to what fmod recommended me but the I’m still getting this error

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Also this error!

These are two different errors. The first is saying it can’t find your strings bank file and the other is saying you’re still on different versions.

Can you verify that you have the same FMOD Studio authoring tool version (open FMOD Studio project and click Help > About) as with FMOD for Unity (FMOD > About Integration)?

Screenshot 2022-07-29 093441
Uploading: Screenshot 2022-07-29 093752.png…

Screenshot 2022-07-29 093752

Yes, so your project is version 2.02.00 but your Unity version is 2.01.05.

2.01 cannot load banks created by the authoring tool which is version 2.02.00.

Update your Unity integration to 2.02+ and you should be good to go.

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