FMOD Unity destroying instances based on distance


I’m working on a project with a village, all of which are equipped with a dryer. And each dryer makes a looping dryer noise. But if there’s 10 houses and 10 dryers, and they’re all spread apart, I don’t want all 10 to be instanced/referenced in the CPU (is that the term for it?). I only want the one I’m within earshot of to be in the CPU so as to optimize the game, so there’s only 1 sound playing at once and not 10 sounds playing even though I can’t hear the other 9. Is there a method to do this?

The FMOD Engine takes care of this automatically using our virtual voice system: Any event instance so far away from the listener that the player can’t hear it is automatically “virtualized.” While virtualized, an event instance consumes only a tiny fraction of CPU time. A virtualizeed event instance that comes back into audible range automatically becomes non-virtual (and thus resumes consuming CPU time) again.

Understood. Thank you!