FMOD Unity DSP plugin errors

I’ve tried posting in this thread before only to have my post hidden by a bot and then ignored so I’m hoping this time it get’s some attention.

I’ve been frustratingly trying to get FMOD to work with unity and trying to understand the old scripting guide/examples on the website which to me aren’t clear at all. and after finally finding my own round about way of getting to FMOD to work (For the most part) now when I go to build my game for the WebGL platform I get a whole bunch of errors about missing plugins and banks not loading properly yet everything was working fine during all my playtests.

Why is it that now that I have switched to a new platform this software completely breaks my entire game and has 0 audio playing when playing this game within the unity editor.

Just to be sure, did you double check everything in the WebGL section of this doc page: ?

If you switch back to standalone, does it work again in editor?

This error is because Resonance Audio does not support WebGL, and will need porting over by the developers of the plugin. You will need to use an alternative spatializer plugin for using WebGL.