Unity WebGL fails to build with FMOD implemented

Hi everyone,

I’m currently in the middle of building a project within Unity, using FMOD for my audio and building for WebGL.

I am using:

  • Unity 2019.4.3f1
  • FMOD 2.00.10

I have been following this guide to learn how to have FMOD successfully build in WebGL:


As per what is referenced in the manual, if I deselect WebGL for the libfmodstudiounitypluginL plugin to be used on, my project builds perfectly fine.

If I include the plugin for WebGL, I get 3 fatal errors with my build:

I am unsure as to why this is occurring and how to troubleshoot it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Tom


I have figured out that it was the Resonance Audio plugins I am using that is causing the build to fail.

I opted to switch to the FMOD Spatialiser plugins instead, which allowed the same effect and for the WebGL build to run successfully, but without any FMOD audio embedded in the build. The project is muted.

When I took off the spatialiser plugin and tried a build, I had the same outcome - no audio from FMOD.

The audio files I have within my event are 1st order ambisonic tracks that I have bounced from Reaper.

Is this why I’m not getting any audio? Because WebGL doesn’t support ambisonic audio files yet?

I have read about mentions of an API for a WebGL build with FMOD, but that has gone over my head a little bit on the technical front.

I’m currently using:

  • Unity 2018.4.26f1
  • FMOD Studio 2.00.10

Having the project I’m developing embedded on a website and have functioning ambisonic spatialisation is key to the creative direction, so if anyone is able to point out where I’m going wrong with my approach, that would be greatly appreciated.

Am I using too old a version of Unity? Does WebGL not support ambisonic spatialisation at all?


As mentioned by Mathew in the thread linked below:

FMOD doesn’t natively support Ambisonics, support is derived by using the Resonance or Oculus spatialization plugins. Unfortunately these plugins aren’t available for WebGL, they would need to be ported over.

Unfortunately without the Resonance plugins it isn’t possible to play Ambisonics with FMOD.