Getting plugin missing error... how to resolve?

Building for desktop from FMOD 2.0. When creating a Unity Web GL build, we get this error:

0a9ea46c-b583-461e-87ba-70f57f448e25:8 [FMOD] loadFromWeb. Path = http://localhost:6808/StreamingAssets/, result = ERR_PLUGIN_MISSING.

(Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)

Any solutions on debugging this?

Are you using any DSP plug-in effects?
You can search the Event and Mixer windows in Studio with filters for plug-in effects.

Thanks for the response. I checked, and there are no DSP plug-in effects being used.

It is possible you are trying to use an effect that isn’t supported in WebGL/HTML5:

Thanks again Cameron. I do not believe I am using any of those effects. I deleted some plug-ins, including a pitch shift plug-in, but unfortunately still no luck.

I am not using a pitch shift plug-in, but I am using the pitch shift feature on individual track instruments. Is that unsupported in WebGL? Could that be the issue?

Apologies, I could have made that clearer.

The list of DSP effects not supported on WebGL/HTML5 refer to the built in DSP effect in FMOD Studio.
So you won’t be able to use the pitch shift effect that comes with Studio unfortunately.