Fmod Unity Oculus Spatializer

Having issues with the Oculus Fmod spatializer plugin, when the sound source is far then it seems to be ok but when upclose it just doesnt sound right and it’ll really f’ed up, been experimenting with all the parameter but cant get anything to work, has anyone been able to use this plug in properly for vr.

Many thanks in advance

Are you able to post a video of what you mean by it doesn’t sound right?

A possibility off the top of my head is that the listener is inside a gameobject which is causing some kind of occlusion effect to occur? What happens if you place the listener on an empty gameobject that is directly in front of the camera?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for replying however this issue has been fixed, sorry should have closed this off but essentially as you mentioned the listener was not in the correct place, our programmer managed to fix this, it was slightly off from where the head was supposed to be.