Weird behaviour when using Oculus Spatializer plugin


I’ve recently started using the Oculus Spatializer for my company’s VR game project to achieve more realistic results. I’ve noticed some really strange things happening to my sounds whenever I try to use the plugin.

For instance, if I set the Radius at 0, the sound is muffled when the event is played at a distance of 0. Then, whenever I move the audio source in the 3D preview, the sound works as expected. This is seemingly fixed by making the radius as small as possible, such as 0.5, but I believe this might be a bug.

Secondly, any event that has the Oculus Spatializer sounds different than it should. Every sound is much duller and less full than when using the FMOD spatialization. This effect is apparent both when the sound source is at a distance of 0 and when it is further away.

To reiterate, toggling on and off the Oculus Spatializer results in a noticeably different result even when the event is being played at no distance.

For example, I have created a shooting sound which loses most of it’s punch and power as soon as I spatialize it, even at a very close distance.

I was simply wondering if this is normal behaviour or if I may have done something wrong.

Any help is much appreciated!

I would guess that you have it correctly configured and the muffling is a side-effect of the HRTFs- usually sounds behind the head are muffled and sounds in front of the head and brighter. Perhaps at position [0,0,0] the behaviour is defaulting to the behind-the-head transfer function?
The Oculus Spatializer is a third-party plugin so you would need to contact the developers for more insight.