FMOD / Unreal Music System Problems

Hi folks…

I’m having issues with my current UE / FMOD setup - I’ve got a bunch of music cues set up with triggers etc but for some reason they don’t always trigger? Sometimes they play fine, others they don’t trigger at all? I’m wondering if this is a common issue or something I’m doing wrong? It doesn’t make sense that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t to me!

Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated!

You mention music cues but we do not use cues, we use FMODAudioComponents and FMODAmbient sounds. Without more information I am unsure of where to start to help, have another read through our documentation if you get stuck:

Thanks for getting back to me Cameron! Apologies for my terminology - I move between Unreal / Sound Cues and FMOD / Wwise and many other packages at the moment.

I found a work-around which is all good - but I basically figured out that my player character was generating multiple overlap events each time it entered a box collision - meaning that the active state of an FMOD component would toggle on / off a few times, often resulting in the state being set to off which is of course the opposite of what I wanted! It’s a little hard explaining. It’s probably something to the way my character / box collision is set up I would imagine.