UE 4.24 Integration Crash

I have migrated project to UE version 24.1 and installed the FMOD UE4 Integration 2.00.06(the only one compatible with UE24). Now, when FMOD AudioComponent is played, project crashes. Code gets caught into infine loop where:

void UFMODAudioComponent::Activate(bool bReset) calls void UFMODAudioComponent::PlayInternal(EFMODSystemContext::Type Context) and that calls SetActive(true); on line 663, etc.

Did anyone else experienced this issue? How do i fix it?

We have not come across this before, what is causing the initial activate call?
What are the steps you use to reproduce this?

From what I could tell, the problem was only when creating FMODAudioComponent via UFMODBlueprintStatics::PlayEventAttached(…). Components created during construction were OK. In my case, it was called from UFMODAnimNotifyPlay.

For any one interested, I solved my problem by creating my own build of the Integration. I added bool that prevents this from calling multiple times. It is dirty hack, but it works.

Thanks for the information, we will have to investigate this further.

In the future you can use our github repo for logging bugs and suggested fixes if you wish.