FMOD Unticking x64 and other platforms on the .dll


We are using Unity 2020.3.14f1 and FMOD 2.01.09.
Every time we do a build the the dlls for fmodstudio fmodstudioL change there import setting so that they are not included in builds. We’ve only recently updated to FMOD 2.01.09 and never had this issue before.

Is this known and how can we fix it? Without using a PostProcess script which manually copies the dlls


Which platform are you building to? The dll import settings are automatically enabled/disabled depending on the Platform selected in the Unity Build Settings.
In the next release (2.01.12) changes to the FMOD binaries performed during build time will be reverted after completion, so dlls should return to their original import state after building.
Are you getting any other issues or errors as a result or is it more just annoying and creating source control noise?

Hi Jeff,

I think we have found the problem, there was a fix on another forum which I believe had issues your end and now have been fixed

So all is good, I’ll keep you updated if it breaks

Best regards,