Questions about fmodstudioL.dll

I have some questions about this dll as I previously had some issues with it and I saw on forum that I wasn’t the only one.

Most of my problems were connected to Mac OS version of the game and as I have to prepare one again, my questions arise.

When I am preparing a MacOS build, it looks like fmodstudioL.bundle is not included and I can’t find it in folder.
When I select fmodstudioL.bundle in Unity inspector I can set it to include Standalone in Include Platforms and then I can select Any CPU as the CPU for Mac OS X.
However after building, I can see
FMOD: Selected binaries for platform StandaloneOSX:

  • Enabled Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/mac/fmodstudio.bundle
  • Disabled Assets/Plugins/FMOD/lib/mac/fmodstudioL.bundle
    in Console and also I can see that CPU for Mac OS X is switched to None.

I remember that previously I had some DLLNotFoundException issues when I launched the game because fmodstudioL.bundle was not included in build and I somehow managed to fix it but I don’t remember how.

So my questions are:

  1. What is the actual purpose of that dll?
  2. Should it be included in Mac OS builds? Or any builds at all?
  3. Why was it disabled for platform StandaloneOSX as visible in console and why import settings were changed.
  4. If it should be included in build, I guess I have to try to reinstall FMOD to fix this issue? (based on comments from different posts on this forum)

I am using Unity 2020.3.43 and FMOD 2.01.11


the fmodstudioL.bundle is a Release binary with logging enabled for development

It is for development builds to aid in debugging issues.

Whether or not the Development Build option is selected in the Build options
Will dictate if the L.bundle is included in the build, the import options are changed during runtime to make sure that all the appropriate libs are being used.

Could I see a screenshot of your Plugins -> FMOD -> platforms -> mac -> lib, this is the location of the .bundles when the integration is installed, while looking at it from the Package Manager they might be in different locations.
When building for Mac OS are you using Version Control to work on that platform?

First of all, thank you very much for the time you took to precisely answer my questions, I really appreciate it.
If I understand correctly, fmodstudioL.bundle is only for development builds and it is a correct behaviour that it is not included in Release builds that are not Development builds.
So I guess I don’t have to do anything as the build I am preparing is not a development build, it is a release one.

Just to answet your questions:
The only folder in my Plugins/FMOD/platforms/mac/lib is src folder.
All .bundle files are placed in Plugins/FMOD/lib/mac.
I am using version control (Plastic SCM) and I often jump from branch to branch, but I prepare mac build manually, not from some automated builds system that use version control,

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No worries!

Yes, that is correct.

Could I see your ignore file for your version control as that might be causing issues. When dealing with version control, reimporting the plugin can help. Though the location of your files is a bit strange.