FMODStudiol.dll file stays in the project when switching branches

Hey, I am just starting to use FMOD and I am running into a small issue.

So I have Unity opened with FMOD for Unity package imported.

Then when I switch a branch, one of the dll files is not removed and is being transferred to the branch that I have switched to. Specifically, its the Assets/Plugins/FMOD/platforms/win/lib/x86_64/fmodstudioL.dll

Obviously, if I first close Unity and then switch the branch this does not happen.

Of course, I could do this every time I need to switch a branch, but it is kind of annoying. Does anyone know of any fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

That DLL will be the DLL that Unity is using to run FMOD in the background. It cannot release it whilst the Unity project is open, which is by design, so you will need to close Unity before changing branches.

i have same issue also,

when open the unity, it issue occurs intermittently,
i solve the problem unity exit

Understood. Good to know that it is by design. Thanks for replying!

I hope you have seen my thread about the FMOD for Unity package now showing up in the Package Manager, would be nice to get a response on that as well :slight_smile: