FMOD 10904 issue: Constantly importing bank assets?

Hey guys,

We updated to FMOD 1.9x and ever since this FMOD has been a pretty big nuisance. It is constantly trying to update/import assets even though live update is off, and is freezing the Unity editor every couple seconds or so. It kinda wrecks my workflow, is there any solution to this? This is the newest version.

Also, is there a better way to update FMOD than literally having to remove all of it from the project? Every time I try to just update it with the unitypackage, it never can because there is always some dll in use, and it always seems to get started back up right when Unity is opened.


I managed to figure it out. I just dropped everything and dug around for a little bit. It was something to do with FMODStudioCache never getting updated for some reason. It would try and try and try and it would never set the values it needed until you clicked on the asset and show it in the inspector. It would then just fill in a ton of references.

Glad you managed to get past the issue, sometimes it can be something as small as restarting Unity for some of the caches to take effect.

In regards to updating the integration, the only way at the moment is to close the project and delete the current platform folder/libs in the plugin folder. Once Unity starts it also loads FMOD and the needed libs for the current platform, generally it won’t unload them until the platform is changed or the Editor is closed.

If you don’t have any other plugins in the project you can just delete the whole Plugins folder and the Settings, which are saved in Resources, won’t be effected.