FMod Web Integration with Soundbank?

Hi ! I have a site and I want to integrate interactive sound into it. So I uploaded the html example in FMod API but all examples use audio files, not an external masterbank. I’ve tried using the Playsound example and modifying it to use a soundbank stored on my website and playing an audio event, but it doesn’t work.
I’m not very familiar with the javascript language and I’m having trouble understanding how to fix it so I think I need a little help ^^’

(sorry for the spelling I am French)


To clarify - do you want to be able to use an FMOD Sound Bank with the Core API? Or an FMOD Studio Bank, which is created by the FMOD Studio application? If it’s the former, could I get you to provide me with a snippet of the code you’re using to load the FSBank and play sounds from it? If it’s the latter, you’ll want to look at the Studio API examples instead of the Core API examples.

Thank you so much!
I didn’t understand the difference between “core” and “studio” so I search in “core” without thinking about looking in “studio”.
If I have any trouble with the Studio API i need to do another post or just discuss in this post ?

No problem. The Core API is for low-level audio system behavior and primitives (i.e. sounds, DSPs, channels, etc.). The Studio API is specifically for interacting with content authored with the FMOD Studio application, which itself is built on top of the Core API. For more info, I’d recommend looking over our Core API Guide and Studio API Guide to identify which feature-set is more appropriate for you.

If you still have issues with loading banks after looking over the HTML5 Studio API examples, then you can continue to discuss it it in this post if you wish. The “FMOD Studio” section of the forum is for posts regarding the Studio application, while “FMOD Engine” section of the forum is for posts about both the Core API and Studio API.